Saturday, January 01, 2005

So That's Why I Don't Drink Wine

Well I was in no condition yesterday to write until late enough for the New Yorker post, and it was all wine's fault. Mike came over Thursday since his new roommates wouldn't let him have a house warming BBQ, and he, Lexi, Andrew and I cooked up some steaks at home and cracked open several bottles of wine.

Ordinarilly I abstain from wine. I've never been a huge fan of reds alone. But when there's good steak around I do find I enjoy how they compliment each other. The thing is though that I haven't gotten drunk on wine in quite a while (and while later that night we went out bar hopping, I'm pretty sure the sugar was what caused the pain) so I wasn't really prepared for the next day.

Well I had planned on spending a fun day with Ishy anyway. I guess it just had to be a calmer, less motion intensive, sort of fun.

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