Monday, January 17, 2005

Skiing (for real this time)

At climbing on Thursday Mike invited me to come skiing on Sunday. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to spend some time on the slopes as I hadn't yet been skiing in Tahoe, or anywhere on the West Coast. Or actually anywhere other than Camelbak in Pennsylvania. And in true Kuliga style we decide to day-trip it.

This means that at 4:30a.m. on Sunday, I got up and drove over to Berkeley to meet up with Mike, Naomi, and Rob in order to leave Berkeley by 6:00 and to get to wherever we were going by 9:00. (Of course where we were going wasn't even decided until after we started to leave Berkeley, and at that point we hadn't even decided between Tahoe and Yosemite). But we got out onto the road and managed to decide to head to Boreal

Everyone informs me that this is a small-ish resort, so that helps me put things into perspective. It's about as big as Camelbak and has about as many runs. The really interresting thing is that the difficulty level was right about the same too. This meant that after a couple of warm up greens, I spent the day doing blue squares with eveyone else. Pretty sweet for the my third day of skiing.

I had a blast too. There was some good powder (it actually did a bit of snowing as well pulled into the parking lot) but as the sun went down the top did start to ice over a bit. This wasn't until after we were pretty much wiped. I didn't fall over too much (which I suppose is a sign I wasn't pushing myself hard enough). And I almost tried a black diamond run. They certainly look a lot more reasonable in the daylight.

Mike gave me a couple of good pointers, so I probably improved my technique a little. We'll have to see if I can build up the skills I need to go skiing with a pack, on crud, by the end of March. And I learned a very important lesson. You can bring your own lunch with you. Seems a silly thing in retrospect, and you end up not eating a hot lunch, but you also don't end up paying $7 for a crappy cheeseburger either.

And speaking of eating, we stopped at Lou La Bontes for dinner. Don't do that. They have a bait and switch policy where they say they have a prime rib special that they have mysteriously just run out of. They take foreaver to see you. And they really don't care if they serve you a cold cheeseburger (I was glad I got a salad. At least that's supposed to be cold). I don't know if I've every really thought before that a waitress should have a 8% tip, but this one earned it, as it was 1.75 hours that we spent there.

But overall it was a good day. And I've got my fingers crossed that there will be some snow storms this week, and maybe we'll get a chance to go up again next weekend.

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