Saturday, January 08, 2005

Phew. That was close.

So yesterday it rained. It rained a lot, and especially on the way to work. It's the start of the rainy season and with all the microclimates on the peninsula, there's often somwhere that's sunny inside of viewing distance of the rain. This makes for lots of rainbows, which are just pretty to look at. (Don't look to close while driving however).

But anyway, it was raining pretty hard on the way to work, so I was driving with some impaired visibility. Usually when it rains really hard, the California streets get very reflective, and it's sometimes hard to see exactly where the white dotted lines are. This is especially bad when there are two lanes of traffic on either side of you.

So I usually go to the left lane, where there is a solid yellow line that's easier to see, and there's cars only on one side of me. The problem is, that in the left lane you need to be going at a reasonable clip so that you travel at the same speed as everyone else (which in the case was 5mph over the dry speed limit, so it wasn't too terrible outrageous).

The thing is, though, that after about 5 minutes in the left lane I get a chance to look into the rear view mirror, and who has driven up behind me and maintaining distance. The California Highway Patrol. Well, he was doing an amazing job pacing me, and maintained his distance perfectly as I took my foot off the gas and coasted down to 65. Then I pulled over a lane, and he started to pass me.

Good, I thought. He wasn't actually interrested in me. Of course as that thought goes through my head, I hear something that sounds like english, and turn my parser on early enough to make out "...5 miles per hour". Whoops. Guess, he was looking at me to pull over, and just didn't pace me long enough.

But it annoys me that he was going to pull me over in spite of the fact that I was just part of the pack of people driving at a slightly unsafe speed. I thought they were required to pull over the lead car. Or maybe he was just looking to talk people into driving safer. Actually if that was the case (and people listen), I feel like my tax dollars are being well spent.

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