Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Keith Appears to Have a Blind Date

Why the hell am I so afraid of using the phone? I really wish I knew exactly what it was that I fear so that I could at least work out whether or not the fear was warrented. But the only thing that I've come up with that's resolution-y this year is to live without fear (it's actually what I thought when I went skiing for the first time a while ago, and it did well for me then). So tonight I managed to overcome that biting, paralyzing sensation that drops my circulation and freezes my hands (both literally and figurtively).

So I called 'mom' and it looks like she's going to set something up this weekend where I drop by the store and meet her daughter and we go out to an Egyptian restaurant. I figure at the very least I end up learning where some good egyptian food in the area is (as I don't currently know). I know that that last sentence is the fear talking. And I that one I know what the fear is about. Must not let it overtake me...

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