Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm so glad I don't even have to walk to my car for lunch today

Well that's because my hamstrings are in some extreme pain (in that good way). I had been thinking for a while about trying to do a bit of cross training with my aerobic exercise in the mornings, and thought I might return to some jogging. I was help back by lack of an appropriate means of attaching my iPod to my person. While the treadmills do have spots to put the water bottles that can holster an mp3 player or radio, but when I ran with a portable radio I found myself often hitting the headphone cable while pupmping my arms and throwing the radio across the gym. It's not too bad for a $10 radio, but I really don't want to do that to my iPod.

So while killing time before climbing at the Good Guys yesterday, I saw and aquired a belt attachment thing, so that I could put my iPod at my waist and forget about it. Very nice, and so I went jogging this morning.

The thing is that I haven't jogged for a while, and 7 miles is a long way to run, so my legs are kinda hurting. On the plus side, the first 10k (including the warm up walk, and a small walking break at the 3.5 mile mark) was completed in under an hour, so I feel pretty good about my capabilities.

And now, since it's friday, pizza's on it's way, and I'll get to have a nice lunch without having to do more than fall one room over to my left.

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