Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm all jittery thanks to those ribs

Which is an odd and convoluted path of reasoning. But basically it comes from the fact that the nearest Armadillo Willys (which has all-you-can-eat ribs on Monday nights) is located next to a Bed, Bath and Beyond. (I'm going to have to watch out how often I go for ribs, if I'm going to be as helpless a consumer as I was this week).

But while I was there, I finally broke down and bought a Mr. Coffee. I'ld been thinking about it ever since coming back from home over Christmas (wherin coffee was good for bonding with Jaime and Dad), but I'ld been having that great-sage-and-eminent-junkie feeling of, 'Well at least I'm not making it at home'. Well like any addict, I eventually crossed that line.

And it was so nice to head off to the gym this morning with the timer set, and come home to a nice hot pot of coffee. The problem is that the coffee machine makes 12 cups, and I'm an American. This means that I can't settle for less than the absolute maximum unless I've already had a bad experience. So before work I drank 10 cups of a strong Kenyan roast, and am now starting to crash at 4 in the afternoon. (Those missing two cups would be what ended up on my porch when I tried to take Ishy for a walk with an open mug)

This is going to be interresting for where I end up in a month or so.

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