Sunday, December 19, 2004

Time With Family

So I've now sent David off for home, and will follow him later this week. He's headed off into a snow storm, and is going to land a few hours late, so I hope all goes well.

It was so nice to get to spend the day with him yesterday. I got to take him climbing and he's definetly jealous of my finger strength. This is O.K. though since I'm jealous of his martial arts skills. I think it all works out.

And we got to go to Blowfish for sushi with Jaime. It was so much fun to hang out with both of them, and it really made me miss those moments. But Jaime seems to be doing well, and is really looking forward to her move to New York, so I think that things are working out for her.

Well it's only a few more days now before we're all together again.

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