Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tea Reviews

Well, I've been sitting down and re-reading the Dark Tower series. I always love the feeling when I get really into a book. It's been a while since the reading bug really hit me last (I've been reading too many technical books of late). So I've got to admit that it feels good to be at the point where you can't go to sleep at night until you finish the next chapter (or as is more often the case, the next three or four). Or where you just get a buzz from sitting in a comfortable seat with a blanket on and a light over your shoulder.

And a nice pot of tea to drink.

So with all this soothing caffination (what was Giles's response to "Coffee? I though you english types drank tea?" Something like "Tea is soothing and right now I want to be tense") I've finally gotten around to writing down some thoughts about the teas I've been drinking and put them up for all to ... well probably not admire ... but they'll be indexed by google soon and maybe I'll get a whole new class of weird traffic.

Anyway here are the reviews.

Of course after a post like this, I'm thinking I'm going to have to go hunt down some testosterone and howl with Ishy at the moon for a while...

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