Sunday, December 26, 2004


And today it snowed. I'm so happy that I'm getting a chance to play in the snow out here, and even during Christmas vacation (even if it is the day after, I'm putting this down as a white Christmas). Actually it started snowing on the drive to lunch, and then really started coming down during the drive back. Thank goodness for Dad's driving skills and on-the-fly 4 wheel drive.

But when we got home, I found I couldn't wait for the sun to come back up before I went out to play, so I grabbed my dad's headlamp (didn't expect to need mine) and bundled up in by fleece and Gor-Tex and I went to build a snow man. I discovered that my clothes are very warm, and keep me exceptionally dry (which will be good for skiing this week). However the snow is also pretty dry, so it doesn't stick together to well. (Californian's who don't understand: Snow comes in two varietys, dry and wet. Wet snow is good for building because it's got a little water to re-freexe and hold shape. If the snow is too cold and dry it's just powder and doesn't stick)

So while there is now snow-man outside right now, there is what many forth grade science projecteers would recognize as a snow volcano. Maybe when the sun comes out tomorrow it'll be better for sculpting and I can really play.

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