Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I love double 'i' words like skiing. I really should go to Hawaii at some point, just so I can type 'ii' a lot.

But anyway, today I went on the ski trip that I had been promissed last week before it started to rain. This week on the other hand was nice and cold and precipitationless. So we (Cherie, Dad and I) went to Camelback and hit the slopes. This is only my second time actually skiing (the first time being at the same place), so I was still a little trepidatious. And actually I was a little too cautious as my first time down the bunny slope as a warm up I fell.

But after a couple of warm ups I was ready for the top of the mountain (I know, I'm on the east coase and should say hill - whatever) and started running some greens. Of course after a couple of these I got bored and started pushing to do some blue runs.

Those were fun. And after I started I was hooked. It was good to know that I've got some general purpose balance skills, and that my legs are very good when I need them to be (I actually don't feel like I exercised them at all). I did take one tumble, and while it was technically on a blue run, it was on the flat section leading up to the downhill part. Other than that I remained upright the whole time. Yay!

Cherie did take a good tumble on one of the runs, and I had to do some work to avoid her. She actually ended up in a position where when Dad went past, he didn't realize it was his own daughter in the snow. But she got up with nothing hurt besides pride and continued right on skiing.

All in all we had a great time, and I'll be sorry to leave everyone here in N.Y. tomorrow, but I'll be happy to see everyone in Cali. I'm almost glad there's a 6 hours of plane ride in between to help reset the worlds. And I can't wait until I get dragged off to Tahoe this year. I think this may be just the kick in the ass I need to get my Jeep registered.

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