Monday, December 13, 2004

Keith Learns a New Word

And it turns out, it's not a word that probably anyone who knew me a year ago would really bet I'ld have learned. hypotension. I went to give blood this morning, and when you do so they take all your vitals, including blood pressure. Turns out that this morning mine was 106/60. Whoa. And I said as much when the tech wrote it down, so he ended up remeasuring it to make sure. It came out to be the same the second time as well.

Of course I figure that this is due to my good veins and not needing to use as much force to send the blood through my system. But it got me thinking that since all things are about balance (as the tech reminded me when I asked what a 'good' hemoglobin level was) that there should be an antithesis to hypertension.

Of course, if I had remembered the word 'hypertension', and had remembered some latin, I could have saved myself some google dead ends ("'blood pressure' 'standard deviation'" gives interresting results, but wasn't exactly what I was looking for). But on the other hand, I felt a sense of minor victory over the vastness of human knowledge when I eventually found the right term.

Oh, and while apparently the vein down the center of my left arm is harder to find than the one on my right arm (this tech almost took from a vein at the edge of the inside of my elbow. ) it still did a good job pumping it's blood. That same tech asked if I was trying to go for a record on donation time when the scale beeped so soon. :)

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