Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ishy, get your ass out of my face

So last night was Jaime's last in California, so I brought Ishy up to visit her and Kate for some Mission burritos and Monster House. I'm glad that we got some more time to hang out just the two of us. There will be plenty of family time in the next week, and Jaime and I only got an hour or two together, but she has been one of the two greatest influences on my life for the last year. And I miss the time we had together while she shared my place in San Carlos.

But, in addition to spending some time with her, I went up to grab some stuff that she wasn't planning on bringing across the country. Like her CPU, motherboard and case. Now I have an excuse to install Gentoo at home and really start messing with the ebuild system. It's so cool to have compiled everything on your system from source yourself ... Whoops, I may have got a little geeky there. Sorry.

But anyway, back to the title. So because of the way parking works, I was a good distance from her apartment. And while I have carried a T.V. a quarter mile down the street before, that was Pasadena. I probably wouldn't have been harrassed by anyone, but I definetly would have looked more like a looter on 19th St.

So we decided to load up her rental car which was parked just outside her apartment with the stuff transfering ownership, and then drive to my car. Not really sure how that logic got worked out, but it seemed a good idea at the time. But then with the back crowded, I sat in the pasanger seat with Ishy, who was still excited at seeing 'Mommy', on my lap.

So needless to say he was up and standing, and I ended up with an unfortunate view .

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