Saturday, December 18, 2004

How was Customs, Dave?

My brother David just got into town. He's essentially got a 40 hour layover in San Francisco on his way back to N.Y. from Japan. It's so good to see him again, and he's got some wonderful tales of his semester abroad.

But to celebrate his return to this land of plenty, we wandered off to the San Francisco In-N-Out for some massive burgers. We'll go hit up some typically american sushi tomorrow so he can get an S.F. feel, but tonight was about beef. And it's good to finally go visit the chain at the wharf. And we managed to park right in front of the door. I've never had such luck before. But then again, I've never tried to park there at 10:30 before.

But he's looking really good. He's been keeping up his martial arts practice in Japan, so his arms have been building similarly to mine. Of course this means that he wants to challenge me to an arm wrestling match. Well, seems my time has been well spent as well since I'm still alpha male in those regards. It should be fun to see what he can do at the gym tomorrow.

And after the gym, we'll go do some Christmas shopping. Can you believe he's never seen Frys before?And there's some stuff I have to get in S.F. before I leave, so this weekend is the optimal time to go.

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