Thursday, December 02, 2004


Well I got an hour less sleep last night than I'm used to because of Ishy, and came the closest I ever had to actually striking him.

Mike came over and we watched the West Wing almost live (which is usually how I refer to starting a program about 20 minutes after it starts so that we finish just as the live broadcast does) with Lexi and Andrew. Ishy was receiving some training on not jumping on people as he does in his excited state when others arrive, and was taking it fairly well.

But I think he resented not being able to sit on the couch with us while watching the show, or maybe I'm just giving him too much retaliatory credit. Anyway after everyone left, I starting futzing with some stuff in my bedroom, and Ishy walks in, jumps on my bed, and pees right where I sleep.

I lost my temper and houled at him, and he definetly got the message that it was a bad thing to do. I really hope that this lesson doesn't need to be taught again...

At least during the hour and a half of washing my only set of sheets I was able to do some re-organization of my house that I had been planning for a while and read a good chunk of my current book...I've missed reading...

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