Friday, November 05, 2004

Tire Trouble

Well the nail that has been in my tire for a while now finally finished it's job. This morning on the way to the gym my tire went completely flat, and I went and pulled off the road and changed to my spare (which I must remember to re-inflate if it hasn't already been done). And so I was left sitting on the side of the road operating the jack and planning out my morning.

I thought first of getting new tires at Costco. But of course they wouldn't be open to me (no business membership here) until 11 and I would at that point probably miss pizza for lunch. And I would also be disappointed with the whole not going to the gym in the morning part of that decision. I ran through my head a few of the local tire places and eventually came to a realization.

There web page with it.

Pictures are up as well over here

Oh and Ashley licked a banana slug. That girl is brave!

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