Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Time at Home

It's fun to spend time with the family again. Even if Jaime and David weren't able to make it, it's still very good to see Mom, Dad and Cherie again and to just spend time with loved ones. Every so often I forget just how much I miss them.

But I've also had time to myself the last couple of days (with Dad at work and Mom going to her class), so I spent some time working on the site. Nothing should visibly be different, but there is now an rss feed for my blog (those of you using firefox should have a little icon allowing you to add it to your bookmarks, and everyone else well you should be using firefox but the link is

And I've redone the photo albums to work with the perl templating system, and have worked a bit on separating out the layout css from the color css. This was a feature asked for by burnszilla since he uses some of my album code for his moblog. Still not ready for him to use the updates, but it's getting close.

Oh, and since I've been forced to use a 1024x768 monitor for the first time since, well the last time I was home, I made the albums use an alternate layout to improve visibility on low-res displays.

Well the smell of pumpkin pie is reminding me that I need to go off and start cooking dinner. Dad wants to try my atkins lasagne for dinner tonight before he goes off-dient tomorrow. I promised him I would accompany him if he goes running with me to help work off the stuffing and potatoes.

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