Saturday, November 27, 2004

Mens Belt Fashions

O.K. - So I'm begining to understand the problems some people have with finding things on the web. When you have no idea what the exact right keyword is to put into google sometimes it's hard to find what you're looking for. So I'm going to put a question to all my loyal readers and see if I can't get an answer here.

I was watching SG-1 and I noticed that some of the male military folks where wearing their belts with the surplus material on their right (i.e. they wound their belts clockwise, starting at the buckle, about their bodies). Now this is what would be suggested by the orientation of text thats currenty on my mens Eddie Bauer belt. The thing is that I thought that the buckle faced the orientation of the flap of fabric over this zipper, which in turn was oriented differently for men and women. This would imply that the belt should be wound counter-clockwise about a man's waist.

Am I completely bonkers here, or is there a fashion rule for this. I've tried searching on 'men's belt orientation', permutations with 'direction', and even tried looking for general 'fashion tips'. If anyone know what the rule is, I would greatly appreciate it if you e-mailed it to me.

Mostly because having upside down text on my belt actually drags a bit on my conciousness during the day...I'm weird. I know.

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Alex said...

The same question was bothering me, which is how I found your post. I found a few answers, but they were ambiguous enough that I couldn't be sure what they meant. So I asked some folks and found out: