Thursday, November 25, 2004

Giving Thanks

As it's not quite midnight on the west coast yet, I still have a few hours to give thanks on this national holiday. So here are the things I am thankul for this year.
  • Loving family and friends (cliche, but still number 1)
  • The time that Jaime spent living with me. Spending that time with here helped to inspire me to improve myself in ways that I hadn't really put any effort into before. I'm leaner, stronger, and actually a little more outgoing and vocal than I was before she dragged me kicking and screaming into it
  • Ishy - he's family, but he should get special attention.
  • C.M. - he's also family, but if I single out one 'child', I intend to embarass all of them
  • Not understanding why people act out to get negative attention
  • The blessings that I got growing up in my small town. I spent too much time looking at the the bad and not enough at looking at the good.
  • Having enough to live comfortably
  • ...and finally, that it's now O.K. to start whistling Jingle Bells again

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