Friday, November 19, 2004

Driving is a Privelege

Well this should probably go down as a rant, so feel free to ignore it...

We need to do something about the quality of drivers that are out on the roads. It's been too long since I've driven out of state to even know anymore if it's a California drivers thing or not, but I've started to get really frustrated over the last week.

The thing is that there is a course of action to fix this problem. Driving is a privelege right? That's what they told me when they took my fingerprint and made me sign away my right to refuse a breathalizer to remind me that it wasn't exactly gestapo tactics. Now I want some returns on that. Let's make the driving test damn hard to pass. I want something that tests a wide birth of skills, in a variety of situations and hazards. I want a written test that isn't a joke of remembering stupid numbers from the manual. I want something that I would have to work hard at to pass.

The thing is, this will a) force people to become better drivers and b) will mean there will be fewer drivers on the road. I'm talking about full retroactive testing. That'll mean fewer deaths on the roads. Less property damage. Less wear and tear on the roads. And less dependence on foreign oil. And more biking, walking, etc.

Yeah I know there will be problems of the rich being able to afford the right classes to take and learn and the poor being in a lurch, but even now cars and gas are expensive and we're starting to head that way anyway. Let's make sure that those on the road know what they're doing.

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