Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Day After Scotchtoberfest

I actually had a very full day planned for after scotchtoberfest, and ended up doing more than I had planned.


Well I actually made it out the door and to Sequoia high school to go kayaking at 8:30 the day after scotchtoberfest. And while it did take a lot of effort to deal with getting things ready and being around, I think I did mostly O.K. Those B-Vitamin supplements and 64oz of water did wonders to minimize the hangover.

So I was able to drive the squinkies up to Sausalito (they all wanted a ride in the mustang. It was so cute). And even go kayaking with them. Some of Mike's control issues are starting to rub off on me, because it definetly bothered me when the guides put me at the front of one of the kayaks with a squink in the back. I did not like losing control of the steering. On the other hand, after we turned around and started heading back, I was glad that I could just sort of sit there and quell my stomach through the waves at times.

But I made it safe and sound back to shore, and didn't need to stick my head off to the side of the boat. And I even managed to partake in the lunch we had upon our shore arrival.


And when I got back to San Carlos I found out that Bryan and Gen had stayed the day, and was invited off the the only Cajun place I know in the area (it's nice to find a place that will serve you alligator). So I got to go out with them to one of my favorite spots in San Carlos that I rarely get to go to.

After dinner they went off to see Ray, and I wandered off to my next destination.

Autumn's Reading Party

The theme was 'Raising the Dead', and I've always liked the Dabney style Halloween reading party. This one was not disappointing. I got to hear a bunch of new stories that were great. No one read 'The Raven' though I had brought a book of Poe and might have read it myself if I had had the time. But I did get to hear 'The Landlady' by Roald Dahl which I haven't heard in a long while, and very much enjoyed hearing again.

I pulled out a book Jason had leant me: The Zombie Survival Guide, and read a section on starting your offensive against the undead. It went over quite well, and I left just in time to make it to my final destination of the day.

The Hypnodrome

There's a troop of actors in San Francisco who put on Grand Guignol performances around Halloween time. (for those that don't know, Grand Guignol was a troop in Francs in the early 1900's that was know for putting on taboo plays. Both for sexual content and for the gore they portrayed). And this troop had a special performance for Midnight of Halloween that we had managed to get tickets for.

It was an amazing performance. Part of this comes from the fact that I so rarely get out to see 'legitimate theater' and that was a good experience in and of itself. But I was also impressed with the special effects that they were able to perform. In the event that you get a chance next year, I definetly recommend the experience.

So that was my day after Scotchtoberfest. Busy and full (right up until the clocks switched back and I got my extra hour to sleep), but also I think the best day-after-scotchtoberfest I've had so far.

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