Saturday, November 27, 2004

Black Friday in New York

Well sometimes the logic in my head is less than rational, and I figured that since I had to be in Brooklyn at 4:30 yesterday to get on a plane at J.F.K., why not spend the day after Thanksgiving in Manhatten? Well I had no particular plans other than to brave the crowds and spend time wondering at the concrete jungle, so I was very happy with the expedition.

There will be pictures soon (I need to do one more revision to my photo album code before I put up the next sets of pictures), but the four of us had a great time wandering around Midtown. We almost followed the path set out on the front page of New York Times' business section today (Lexi, I brought it in from the rain, you can have it back when you return). I didn't do any real shopping, but that's par for the course. I don't tend to do any Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve^2. Or at least until I get home for Christmas. And that's not entirely laziness after airport security almost made me unwrap a present one year.

But I did get the new Trans Siberean Orchestra CD and am listening to it as I type. And we saw the skaters at Rockefeller (it's so odd to see the tree unlit). And just had a good day walking around town.


Enh, screw it. The code works, it doesn't need more 'improvements' now.


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