Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thoughts on the final 2004 Presidential Debate

Well, there aren't many because like the one last friday we had some people over and Andrew made his might strong mojitos, so the event turned into a lot of generally loud Bush bashing.

But there were two things I did take notice of. The first being that all it was was an opportunity for the competitors to get to their talking points on national T.V. without spending any of their hard-raised funds. A lot of time was spend just giving short lip-service to the question on a segway to what they wanted to say.

And I still can't believe that Bush tauts 'no poorly educated child left in school' as an accomplishment. It's funny to watch him talk about it while I'm surrounded by teachers directly effected by the policy who know damn well the bullshit he spews when he says it's a good thing. Did you know that the law requires all schools to perform at the 60th percentile? Yes, everyone must perform above the median on standardized tests. WTF!

The other thing that I noticed was a vast change in attitudes that has occured in the last decade or so. Just before the much maligned decision to bring in Cheney's daughter, it occurred to me, that here we are listening to presidential candidates saying that homosexuality is not a choice (or at least that they're not sure about it from the guy who left sodomy laws on the books). This would never even have been considered to be said 10 years ago.

It definetly brings me hope that we are moving forward to a more tolerant (and educated) society. Maybe 'activist' judges are playing a more vital and healthy role than a first order consideration would lead us to believe.

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