Thursday, October 07, 2004

Tech geek conversation at the park

I ran into Sheero and her owner at the park again tonight. It was a good opportunity to talk with him. He remember both my name and what I work on, but unfortunately I remembered nothing about him other than he worked on web stuff too.

Apparently he is either in a managerial or tech-lead role (and liked the opportunity to bounce some ideas off of me) and it gave me an interresting appreciation for a few things. The most important of these is the persepectives gained from working with less-than-stellar programmers. I've almost always worked with great coders. Through school I saw some amazing feats, and even at AOL my immediate group was awesome (hence why I work with them now). Then at winamp... well there are few people out there who don't respect that they are some of the best examples of cool coding on a Microsoft O.S. (Id and TeamNinja being, I think, the rest of the best)

But apparently there are bad coders out there :). And part of this guy's job is keeping their products as good as can be. Given that, I can all of a sudden see some of the reasoning behind the castration of the Java language (no operator overloading...give me a break). If you're trying to work with people who only think they are clever, you can't give them a chainsaw.

Anyway, apparently he likes to walk Sheero after 10p.m. so I think I may start taking Ishy to the park late.

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