Monday, October 18, 2004

Team America: World Police

After the pumpkin festival, Andew was feeling a little better so we took in Team America: World Police, the latest Stone/Parker movie. Wow, going in I had no idea how you could make an NC-17 marionette movie. Well now I see how with a few more minutes of footage it would have crossed that line (which I think will be interresting to see on the DVD). But it was absolutely hillarious, and held no punches. I think they did an excellent job of making sure everyone in the audience was offended at least once by something that was said.

Some thoughts:

  • America: Fuck Yeah!
  • I'm not sure where I come down on Wire-Fu where you're supposed to see the wires.
  • They needed to get a little more skill with the puppetry. They made fun of their own ignorance in a few points, but it still effected the end result.
  • Puppet porn and vomit...I didn't think I'ld get to see that outside of 'Meet the Feebles'
  • Only these guys could get away with labelling Samuel Jackson a F.A.G.
  • The speech at the end was one of the most brazenly offensive, yet poignent that I have ever heard.
  • When in doubt look to the humor and laugh. Remember they're just puppets.
And on a slightly unrelated note: the scene with Michael Moore shoving hot-dogs in his mouth helped me realize that it probably wasn't a good idea to watch 'Super-Size Me' and 'Farenheit 9/11' on the same day, because I'll tend to get those wires crossed.

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