Monday, October 11, 2004

Six Feet Under (Season 4)

We finally finished watching this last season of Six Feet Under at this Sunday's dinner. I definetly can see what my co-workers were saying about it at lunch a few months ago. They were mentioning how it had become very much like a soap opera, and fell back to rehashing it's strongest point (the gay couple) where it may or may not have been wise. And the soap opera effect was definetly enhanced by the complete lack of letting the opening death affect the Fisher's lives.

The thing is though, that it is still a pretty unique piece of television (well, maybe Dead Like Me comes close, but we haven't even started Season 2 of that yet -- so little time for T.V. nowadays). And I really like the art world thread that exists in it (no it's not just because I think the redhead is cute). There's a world there, and a collection of people that I feel like the writers probably get pretty close to true and that have a piece of life that I'm still working to get ahold of.

I think the weekest part of the season though was the violation of 'conservation of happiness' that had pervaded the previous seasons. Prior to this season, at the end of every episode you felt like happiness was neither created, nor destroyed, but mearly transferred from one character to another.

Without that, there were a few episodes that were definetly not the right ones to introduce people to the series.

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