Saturday, October 09, 2004

San Carlos Art & Wine Faire

Well this weekend is the anual time for Laurel Street to load itself up with craft booths and fair food. And to allow some small bit of public intoxication (which this year I can't partake in - No beer for Keith). I wandered off for a breif introduction today (I'll go back tomorrow with my camera and try to come up with enough to say to put something up on, though from looking at it I think Rich may have that well in hand).

I didn't find a good celtic art booth (there were several people selling CDs though) so Cherie's Christmas shopping will have to wait. But the Sky hammock chairs were there as were a bunch of people selling cowboy hats. I kinda want to get one, but without Jaime to tell me which one I should get, I'm not sure I will (I've always trusted her sense of style). And I may yet find something to help decorate my living room, but art costs a lot.

And as far as food is concerned well, here's a piece of advice you might want to know. There are several places selling BBQ pork or chicken skewers. The one on Cherry St. sells them for $5 (2 for $8) and has a long line, while one block further away from Starbucks (I forget the street name) has the same thing with no line for $6. I think that it was worth th $1 not to stand in line in retrospect, but that might be rationalizing my impatience to see the whole fair.

And one thing that surprised me...I'm working through a hangover, so I went to Plantation Coffee for a latte to see if that would help cut the headache (and it seems to be working). This is where I usually go for coffee since it's one of the local non-Starbucks places and is right next to the best Taqueria in San Carlos. So anyway, what I'm getting at is that they know me there. And I talked a bit with the nice lady who made my latte, and she was saying that apparently the fair is reducing their customer count.

You'ld think with all sorts of extra people coming in from out of town, walking right past there would be a lot more traffic to the local shop. I did see a starbucks truck that was giving out 8oz cups of coffee though, so I bet that's why no one is going to Plantation. Yet another time Starbucks' money screws the local shops. And some people still don't understand why I refuse to go there.

Anyway, there will probably be more tomorrow. Certainly there will be an interresting story or two if I bring Ishy to town. There were a lot of other dogs out.

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