Monday, October 18, 2004

Pumpkin Festival

Well, with Andrew out for the day, Lexi and I decide to hit up the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival. For future note: from San Carlos the 84 and the 92 take the same amount of time to get too and from the festival, but you're actually driving on the 84 and not stuck in traffic. I remember to bring my camera, but forget it in the car once we're parked. I got in a few camera photos of the faire, so it wasn't too bad.

And it was good to wander around a similar, but slightly different faire than the one in San Carlos. Many of the same vendors where there, but the food was definetly a little different. There were a few 'big meat' places: I got some BBQ beef ribs, and there was apparently someone selling turkey legs. But there were also arichoke hears, brussel sprouts and some salad places. It was definetly a little surreal to see a health-food consiousness at a festival like that, but also very cool to see some americans making 'good' food choices.

And the master pumpkin carver was incredible. He's inspired me to try to carve my pumpkin in a new and interresting (and probably completely unsuccessful) way. But if it works, it should definetly be a sight to behold. And if it doesn't...well I wanted to do a more classic carving on a second pumpkin anyway.

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