Saturday, October 09, 2004

Hangovers vs. Social Recharge

For the second Saturday in a row, I have woken up nicely hung-over after an evening of drinking with friends (and consequently expending more social energy than I usually do). And for the second saturday in a row I'm really not looking to spend time with other people for a while. I'm kinda wondering whether it's a social recharging that I need to undergo, or if it's just that a headache makes me want to stay in my dark cave.

Last weekend I missed a BBQ with the neighbors (and consequently probably dropped my chances of having them show up for Scotchtoberfest, but at least they've been invited), and this weekend is the San Carlos Art & Wine Festival (more on that later). Ah well I'll go spend some time on the couch with Ishy and watch Farenheit 9/11.

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