Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Global Test

It was probably the worst moment of the debate. I was watching Kerry ramp up to it, and you could tell that he had wandered into a position where he needed a phrase, and one that his preparations hadn't previously thought through. The thing is, that even before he said it, I thought I knew where he was going, and I still think that my initial assessment was accurate. And it took a Bush supporter to help me with the wording that I was looking for.

As far as I'm concerned, the phrase 'Global Test' was meant to be used as an unscoped test (for those not familiar with programming, well that was a very geeky reference). He just meant that pre-emptive action had to meet the same criteria that our founding fathers required for their revolution. Certain in-alienable human rights that where being contradicted by the written laws of the land.

Of course I remember when I didn't actually watch the debates a when the question explicitly asked the candidates not to mention their running mates by name), but I expected more from an accomplished trial lawyer.

Since I feel I am armed with knowledge about Cheney's past, and connections to industry, I was able to parse a lot of what he said through that filter, but I thought he spoke very well, and did an excellent job staying within the format, and generally providing good debate.

I just worry/hope (it's weird the way those two feelings can intermingle) that some of my view comes from Edward's accent. I remember a story I heard about a college professor (and pretty well accomplished one), who came from the South. He was greatly respected...until he opened his mouth. As soon as people heard his accent, their perception of his I.Q. dropped 10 points. I worry that I'm pre-programmed with the same bigotry, but hope that maybe some southerners will have the opposite reaction.

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