Thursday, October 21, 2004

Emotional Contagions

Scrubs this week had a bit about how a cheery attitude and a spring in your step can be contagious and can cause second and third order effects of happiness (i.e. people you effect, effect others). It's funny how the reverse is true as well.

While driving into work this morning, I was getting onto the freeway. I was in a rush to get up to speed, and ended up merging left and accelerating in a way that prevented the person who had been in front of me from doing the same. This appeared to annoy him since a few hunder yards later he approached me on my left and prevented me from merging into the far left lane.

That was fine by me as the second from the left lane was moving faster. Except that he cut in front of me and then swung back in the left lane two cars further.

The part of this that really impressed me was that the two cars he passed then went to some extreme lengths (and dangerous maneouvers) to geand malt definetly got me re-thinking lowlands and some of the 'good' (read non-peat) scotch flavors.

I remember as we approached the end of the first pass through the scotches that I was starting to get a little power trip and forcing the line to keep moving, and after I had sampled all of the scotches I went down to see the dogs (Steve had brought Sophie so she could play with Ishy. I'm so glad they could play). And wandered into the smoking circle wherein I smoked my cigar (and a bit of Andrew's - sorry I was too drunk to tell which was mine and which was his when I pulled them out)

Apparently that was the point where all the alcohol hit my bloodstream because that seems to be the last point I really remember, and the point that others noted a discontinuity in my behavior. I got embarrasingly drunk and passed out at sometime after midnight. There are certainly some interresting stories about how I behaved for that time period, most of which come from people I trust so I'll have to believe them, and there is enough photographic evidence to lend support to some.

My last memories of the night are passing out in my bed, and Sam coming in to shake me awake telling me there were 3 women upstairs who wanted to talk to me. I couldn't figure out why Lexi, Gen and someone else would want me to un-pass out, but in my state that was what I had gathered. Turns out my neighbor showed up with some friends who wanted to meet the host. Ah well. I was in no condition to entertain at that point. And when I saw my Cathy later that weekend, she apparently tried to shake me awake as well.


Then comes the next day, whering I felt like I had awoken into a whodunnit novel. I started to survey the area, and found clues of odd behavior all around that I had no idea the exact circumstances that had left them. But I had to get out and go kayaking so I left them for later.


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