Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dumbass Kids

So while lifting at the gym today there where a bunch of dumbass kids putting themselves and us in danger. They obviously had no idea what they were doing and where trying to 'max out' (their words) on squats. Now ordinarily if someone wants to go to their extreme and see what they can do I'm fine with it, but these dumbasses had no control, where wavering the bar around (to the point at which the unsecured weights would nearly fall onto us while we were bench pressing, and had no form.

So after Mike got them to secure the weights to the bar (and get us out of harms way) was kept the corner of our eye on them waiting to see the Darwin Award moment. And it came. One of the kids actually got the bar on his back, buckled and folded in half with the bar resting on the final safetly catches (the idiot bars). Now none of his friends rushed to help him, and he could have caused a serious spinal injury in the process.

Unfortunately no great lesson was learned, as they then proceded to lift dumbells with comparably bad form. I feel old for saying this, but high school kids should not be left unsupervised lifting weights.

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