Monday, October 11, 2004

Beautiful Day

Today was absolutely gorgeous (I probably spelled that incorrectly because I was thinking of the Ithaca saying). The sun was bright and warm, and as I took Ishy for his morning walk we saw several Blue Jays, a pidgeon and a dray of squirrels (that's my vocab word for the day now). Granted they were all probably out because it was garbage day, but it was too nice a day to think of such things.

As a matter of fact, Ishy got to play with Matisse at the park this morning, so he got all runned out before I had to go to work. It turns out that they are starting the annual re-seeding of the park so I won't get a chance to see Matisse there any time soon. Maybe I'll go over to Burton park some morning to give Ishy a chance to play.

But back to the day. It was actually shorts, tevas and convertible weather like it hasn't been since mid-September. I may be missing out on the changing color of leaves in New England, but I think I'll do alright with a few more 'autumn' days like this.

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