Saturday, October 02, 2004

Anti-Bush vs. Pro-Kerry

Well, the first presidential debate was yesterday, so here are my primary thoughts...

For the most part I had been anti-Bush in the previous months. There are so many reasons to hate him that I won't go into them here. But I had only been slightly in favor of Kerry as president (of course I preferred him to Bush) over recent history.

Now the thing is that after the debate that has changed. While watching the debate I saw the president on the stage. And while he was answering questions, I wondered why he shared the stage with some someass from Texas.

For the first time I saw Kerry as a viable presidential candidate. His positions where clear and well educated. His resolve was firm, and his opponent was (for lack of a more P.C. term) a yokel. While Bush tried to explain the basics of the job as president, his opponent discussed actual foreign policy (and reasonably).

Of course neither candidate struck far from party hard-lines, or pre-written quips, but I saw a leadership in Kerry that Bush couldn't match. I really hope the undecided voters are still capable of inteligent thought.

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