Monday, October 18, 2004

Andrew's Black-Out

So Andrew had the brilliant idea of going to Schroeder's for Oktoberfest this year. For those not familiar with the story (it pre-dates this blog), we went there two years ago, and after a pitcher of beer Andrew and Bryan decide that they want a big stein of beer. So they point the the big steins on the fireplace and say 'give me one of those'.

As it turns out those steins hold 5 liters of beer (we did the math, and I was a complete geek as I shouted in the bar 'you forgot to multiply by pi') and they gladly served us the beer. Bryan almost finished his. He probably would have too if he hadn't had a few beers before we got there. Andrew on the other hand was quite defeted at about 2/3rds of the way through.

So he felt that some revenge on the beer was in order. He only got to 3.5 liters again this year, but part of that is us Atkins folks needed something to drink too. We wandered across the street for some hard liquor, and Andew continued to imbibe.

We had some really good coversation (certainly by the looks of the pictures). But slowly over time Andrews positions became more eratic, confusing, and eventually a little, well, non-inclusive. It was slow going to see how the alcohol effected him, but he was getting real trashed.

At the point at which we head out he's leaning on Lexi for most of his support. So much so that the three of us get about a block before I realize we're not all going to make it the quarter mile to my car, and I leave Lexi to care for Andrew and her poor feet.

When I return Andew's passed out. Gone. Nothing left. So much so that the kind gentleman who asks if he can help actually believes that Andrew is dead and not passed out. Come to think of it, I had already check his pulse at that point. But with his help we get the dead weight into my car and head for home.

And when we get there, I have the brilliant idea of attempting to carry him inside the house. Well when we get him just outside my car it becomes obvious that we should have just left him to sleep it off. But it was too late at that point. Instead we get a 4x8 piece of wood that just happened to be lying in our backyard, roll him on it, and drag the board into the house. Of course there's a nail on the underside that drags in the concrete making an aweful ruckus for 2a.m. I was kinda surprised the cops didn't show up and ask us any questions about the body Lexi and I were dragging into the house.

But we get him inside (my place. No way he was going up those stairs) and leave him passed out on the board waiting for his liver to do the dirty work of cleaning that alcohol out of his system.

Apparently it was a 2 day hangover too. I really hope that's not a getting old thing. I don't want to have to deal with one of those.

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