Friday, September 10, 2004


And this one goes at the bottom, because I don't expect anyone to wade through this much unadulterated self-indulgence (and it's about to get worse) ...

There have been a couple of times in the last week where someone has flirted with me and I completely dropped the ball. It's weird how I can completely over-think, and over-analyze to the point of paralysis. Well O.K. that's not too weird - even in the general population. But it does make me wish sometimes that I could take life a little less serious.

Like, a long time ago (well at Caltech) I was having a conversation with one of the frosted flakes (I'm not really sure which, it was so long ago), and was talking about my inability to flirt. She mentioned that, of course I could, and she gave a specific example of someone with whom I was quite good at it. Problem was, that this other person was someone with whom I interacted with on a purely childish level. One might almost say a teddy bear level if a guy was capable of such a relationship :).

But seeing as how I was aware of the problem at the time, I should have probaby taken advantage of the frosted flakes, and gotten some advice on how to improve my skills. Now I sit waaaaaaay behind the curve, at a place where I'm in a catch-22. I need to aquire some serious experience, and yet I can't since it wouldn't be fair to waste anyone's time. I think I need a circle of friend-girls again.

On the other hand it's nice to not have heard "oh, you're not a guy. And I mean that in a nice way" in quite some time. :)

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