Sunday, September 05, 2004


Looks like I may be back to the once a week updates... At least I have an excuse this week. David came by to visit on his way to Japan. That boy knows how to get the most out of his college education.

It was so cool to get the chance to hang out with him. I haven't seen my brother since Christmas, so we got to do the whole catch-up thing. He ended up finding a good friend at home over the summer that was an expert in some Chinese martial arts. This gave Dave a chance to get back into practicing. And it helped him widen his knowledge (since his initial training is mostly Japanese).

Of course we went to visit Chinatown while he was here. And we used Cha-Shou-Bau (yeah, I know. That's probably a totally ignorant white misspelling) as an excuse and brought Andrew along. Didn't find any great new spots, but got to take Dave to a few favorites.

I did lose him for a couple of nights during the week so he could hang out with Jaime. It's probably good that he got someone to hang out with seeing as how I would be at work all day (and there's only so much Ninja Gaiden he can play). And I'm glad to hear that Jaime is doing well. Though I'm disturbed to hear that she's either still unemployed or ashamed of what she does.

Of course that's not what she told him. I don't like the fact that I have a hard time believing her, but it fits all the classic requirements of a Jaime lie. She said that a girl near her office had attacked her, and she got panic attacks sometimes as she neared where she worked. However the office needed her so bad that it was OK for her to take a week off with no notice. Convenient how that explains how she was able to stay with Dave without having to bring up work.

But I'm glad that David can still believe her when she says such stuff.

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