Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Changing Times...Creativity

You might have noticed that the picture of me has changed. Well as inspirational as the old picture was I finally gave into the peer pressure telling me to change. I didn't give in so far as to actually put in the morphing image to show the changes that have occured in the last 8 months, so I think you all should appreciate that.

Oh, and today I hit T-minus 40lbs. Next goal is T-minus 20kilos, both to keep my mind somewhat in the metric zone, and also because it maps closely to 45lbs. OK, so the first rationalization might be a load of crap, but I do wish I had a better instinct for metric.

Back to the photo...Another reason for it is that I had been getting some pressure to take some recent photos of myself. One of my greatest sources of artistic inspiration and guilt over creative inactivity pushed me to get some up to date photos of myself on line. I haven't made them all publicly available...(not for that reason you sicko, but you just lost your viewing privleges)... But it's amazing how much just a little bit of artistic expression can remind me of what I haven't been doing of late. Maybe I'll take some 26 things inspiration and run with it.

I also went and did one of those cutesy on-line personality tests atg quality for quanitity, but I don't thing there was that much quality here to begin with :)

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