Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Brand Spankin' New Backend

So I was going to update my blog more often...I say that so much, but maybe it will be true now. And here's why I hope it is: I've completely re-done the backend of my site. It should look pretty much the same (maybe a broken link here or there, I'm still working on everything), but the whole backend is a little easier to manage. Of course by this I mean that it's got another couple layers of abstraction, and is correspondingly a little slower. But that shouldn't be a problem since it's not like all that many people hit the site as it is.

So as for the backend, well I've got it all running on the perl template toolkit, which kicks so much ass. There's been a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I should learn php for a while now. Now there's no need to do that. I've got everything I could ask for from php, in addition to all the power I've come to rely on from perl. And if I ever do need to start worrying about performance issues I can just run everything through mod_perl. For now I'm not ready to do that much server hacking for my personal website, but some of the fun but useful domains I have might get that treatment at some point.

And how does this translate to (hopefully) more updates? Well I'm glad you asked. Now that I have a kick-ass architecture to work with, I've made it a lot easier to edit my blog. No more hand editing crufty html code for me. It's all done automagically. Now I think I may almost be motivated to put a couple of my other ideas into motion.

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