Sunday, September 19, 2004

20/20 Hindsight

I hate it when I have to make a locally optimal, but globally suboptimal decision because of an error in judgement several moves back. Well that's at least how I word it when I play chess, though I suppose social settings deserve a slightly different vocabulary. Anyway I had two social engagements to attend on Saturday (I know, so busy for me), and I of course did what I could to try and attend both giving priority where I felt it was due...I hate couching my language so that I don't offend anyone...guess I'm a high self monitor...

I got to spend some time again with the Winamp gang, which is something I've sorely missed in the last few months. Not the work atmosphere of lay offs and despair of course (and it's only gotten worse since I left), but I haven't kept up with my friends there as much as I should. It was so good to wish Wen a happy birthday and to meet Songo outside of her and Denny's blogs, and just hang.

But I missed saying goodbye to Dr. Cyn. I'll have to drop her a line sometime this week to apologize properly, and wish her well at UNLV.

But I did get a chance to hear praise on my improving physique, and a pretty girl told me she liked the clean shaven look on me.

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