Monday, August 02, 2004

Upper Body Strength

I'm so proud of myself. I gave my arms the weekend off. Partly because I was having fun being lazy, and partly because I had been thinking of going up to Golden Gate Park to play on the gymnastics stuff they had up there. So my arms were very well rested when I went bouldering today.

And there is an underhang climb that I had been working on for a while now that I was finally able to get. It was one of those problems where you end up with your hands and feet at about the same height, and you're using a lot of arms and shoulders to move around. Well I finally managed to maneuver myself well enough to make it through the hard strength parts, and was able to figure out the technique parts now that I could get to them.

And there was a second underhang climb that I hadn't seen before that was also marked as a V0 (kind of a beginners rating, and it's what I'm currently working on and I'm starting to think of doing more V1 problems) and I did that one as well. It's so sweet to be able to walk on a ceiling, and then climb around to a standing position.

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