Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Search Engine Strategies

This week is the Search Engines Strategies conference down in San Jose, and as part of I'm going to help spread the gospel of news aggregation and localization (or something like that). Well it's nowhere near as big as the only other trade show I've been to, but in all fairness that was Comdex, and Vegas does everything bigger.

It's neat to see some of the big guys (i.e. Yahoo and Google), and get to know a lot of the smaller players in the field. I had some fun talking to the guy at BlowSearch (I mostly went to talk to get a BlowSearch T-Shirt. What were they thinking when they came up with that name?) And I mostly seam to get talking with engineers when I go to the booths. I guess I get more out of those conversations that the ones with the booth babes (of which there are sadly too few. But google has a very nice sexist-inducicing contingent).

And I rolled the dice as introvert yesterday, and while I talked to people when I had to (and enjoyed it), I couldn't force myself to talk to people that I just wanted to. I guess it's good to know that whatever it is that keeps me from talking to people I don't know at clubs isn't just a fear of rejection. But then again this probably means it's more funadamental and I'll get to that problem later...

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