Thursday, August 05, 2004

Search Engine Strategies (Day 2)

Yesterday was the second and final day of the exhibition part of S.E.S. (and consequently the end of my involvement with it). I ended up talking to a number of people about Topix, so I think I was able to force myself into interacting more. This is probably a useful skill to have, so it's good I worked on it a bit.

I also spent some time talking to some of the people around the floor. I went with Stephen and he managed to insult one of the Google reps there. We were talking to her when she mentioned that she helped plan the after-expo google party on Tuesday, and Stephen said something to the affect of "So it's your fault they ran out of alchohol in 45 minutes" (which they did, and I find absolutely inconcievable for a google party), and then he proceded to do google searches for web pages showing the appropriate amount of booze to buy for a party. Of course, after this there was no way I was able to get a picture of myself with the google booth babes. Ah well...

And after the conference the topix team went and hit up Original Joe's for drinks and dinner. We were just killing time until the Yahoo party started up, but it was good to have almost everyone there and just chatting in a circle over drinks. And I hadn't been to Original Joe's since Andy was around and it did make me think a bit about him (though walking past the Adobe building and seeing Mattpaul did the same thing as well). I hope he's doing well in Colorado, but I get to find out in a few weeks anyway, so it should be good to catch up.

And after Original Joe's we wandered off to the Yahoo party. They had rented out the Tech Museum and had left the exhibitions open. I had never been there before, so it was really cool to see all the stuff at the museum. And there was free booze, which is always good, even if you have to explain to two out of three bartenders what "neat" means. How come they all know what "on the rocks" means, yet so few are familiar with it's inverse?

But anyway, after an evening of fairly heavy drinking, and some virtual special olympics (I kicked Bob's ass at wheelchair racing), I got a ride home from Rich, and between his being sober enough to drive, and my knowing the way to get the hell out of San Jose, we had a good symbiosis to get back to San Carlos.

It's been a while since I've had a Thursday hangover. Well at least a month.

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