Sunday, August 01, 2004

One Year Anniversary

And finally today marks one year from when I started writing this blog, so I think it's time to take stock of what's happened in the last year.
  • I've had Jaime move in, out, in, and out again.
  • Jaime helped push me to be a bit more outgoing, and showed me the need to actually talk through issues that come up
  • I was working for Nullsoft in a cool office with great people, than working for Nullsoft in an empty office with a depressed few people, than working for Nullsoft in the financial district, and finally working for with great people.
  • I'm now actually using my brain at work
  • I started to pay attention to what I eat, and have lost almost 40 pounds
  • I took up rock climbing, and started jogging
  • I started to make an effort to get out and date some. And for all the depression and pain that comes with it, am probably going to continue to try until I see some of the payoff from the investment.
So I think that I'm definetely a lot better off than I was a year ago, and it's weird that in spite of all the changes I've gone through I still feel like I'm mostly the same person as before.

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