Sunday, August 22, 2004

Friends (Hello, Old)

This has been a wonderful week of receiving old friends. On tuesday evening Andy came into town. He had mentioned coming out to California early on in the summer (mostly looking to see if the couch was still reserved for him) and so I had some idea of his coming, but I didn't know the exact date until I got a call from him in Reno saying that we should hang out that evening.

It's been so good to see him again. I don't think he's changed all that much in the last two years (though apparently not a single thing in my living room is the same. Well, other than the ghetto pentium CPU linux router I use for NAT'ing). He's still very much the same as he was, but a little less self destructive. I think going through some real destruction probably helped temper him a bit. And he seems to be doing well in school (by which I of course am talking about his emotional state. I don't worry about his performance in classes).

He's going to head back to Colorado tomorrow, so I probably won't get another chance to hang out with him until I get off my ass and visit Denver. But that is where Modern Drunkard is located so I might be persuaded to leave California for non-familial reasons.

And Lexi and Andrew got back on friday. While there flight was delayed an hour and I had nothing to do but sit in the airport and wait (and drink some coffee, breaking my informal Starbucks protest) I was still incredibly excited to see them. It's so good to have them back and to have the house full once more.

I had been thinking a lot about my time in San Jose this summer. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I was pretty much living on my own. It's nice to once again I realize how lucky I am to have such close friends so close.

And with their summer blogging, the catch-up time was very different than I've experienced with others in the past. I had already read a lot of their good stories about the summer, so I either reminded them that I had already knew a lot of what they were saying, or I nodded and listened along. Which wasn't a complete waste of time seeing as how I always gain a little more understanding when I hear someone talk rather than just read the same words.

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