Sunday, August 22, 2004

For God's Sake, Make It Stop

And then to round out the weeks big events, we had a bunch of people over to play poker last night. During the course of this Andrew talked about how he had been doing strength training over the summer and what he could bench. Seeing as he was about where I was, I was anxious to have a good partner for arm wrestling and challenged him. Well, I did want a good partner, but I also wanted some practice before my brother gets here next weekend.

So he agreed and we went at it. He had more than I gave him credit for but I beat him pretty easily. I think it's partly because he has the same anti-Joshua learning scheme that I have. (By which I mean we learned futility too well. Joshua being the computer from War Games) But that's a problem my brother has a similar problem, so it's probably good practice.

Well that wasn't the interesting part. The fun part comes from my challenging Pat to a match figuring I'ld get my ass kicked. Apparrently he thought he'd get his ass kicked as well since he has spent no formal time at the gym strength training. And we were both wrong.

The two of us were incredibly evenly matched. So much so that our spectators say we spend about 3 minutes in a stalemate with the edge slowly switching between us, and our faces slowly filling with blood. It was an amazing endurance battle and we both had a ton of fun. My arm is still a little sore almost 24 hours later.

He did beat me in the end, but we both agree that we had enough fun to definelty warrent a rematch.

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