Sunday, August 22, 2004


It weird the way fate twists some times. Well the way fate can twist around you, and the way you can twist fate. Case in point...

Early this week I had been trying to plan out what I was going to do. I hadn't bouldered in a few weeks (mostly trying to avoid the 15 foot jumps that are so much fun, but probably not good for my poor shins) so I wanted to do some of that. Also the San Mateo county fair was going on (with rides and everything) so I wanted to visit that as well. I figured I'ld hit up the gym on Wednesday night and then go visit the fair alone on Thursday. (I'ld gone to a Metallica concert alone, surely I could have fun at a carnival by myself).

Well Andy pulled into town on Tuesday and went down to Santa Cruz on Wednesday to hang out with Pat. He invited me to come down and "do something". That nebulously phrase which means I don't have any good ideas so we'll probably just drive around town for a half hour, give up and go home. So I figure what the hell. I haven't seen him for years and may not for a while to come so I went down to Santa Cruz. Well we actually did slightly better than "do something" and ended up going to Pacific Edge, and went bouldering. How cool.

And while I was hanging out with Andy and Pat, I invited them to come up to the fair. Since Thursday was free-before-three day I cut out of work early and met up with them and had a good day.

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