Sunday, August 01, 2004

Atkins Drinking Buddies

Of course than I had my Friday free when I hadn't planned on having it to myself. I was thinking that since I hadn't been to drink club this week on account of dog sitting that I should get out of the house and town and live it up a little. But it felt too last minute to get any plans together.

Then I get a phone call from Bryan inviting me to go bar hopping in Berkeley with him and Gen. Sweet. And since the two of them are now doing Atkins, we all were looking for bars that served good hard liquor. I had my whiskeys and both of them stuck to vodka, and we got pretty tore up. Well I didn't get that tore up because I had to drive home, but I still had a drink or two.

And at the final place we went to, they made up chipless nachos. Now I know you're asking yourself, "What are chiless nachos"? Well we got served one bowl of meat and onions, one bowl of beans and cheese (both of which were very big bowls) and some small bowls of guac, sour cream, and jalepenos.

And the waitress that served them was pretty cool about it. She took the effort to go talk to kitchen, knowing they would screw up the order. And she had waist-length dreadlocks in a bun at the top that gave me an "I'm too much woman for you" vibe. But I think she checked me out as I left so maybe I'll convince Bryan and Gen to go back some time soon. Or maybe I just had more to drink that night than I thought.

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gb may-montt said...

and here I thought you didn't find that girl attractive! I was like, if I was a boy, I'd do her and you were like, ehhh...