Tuesday, August 10, 2004

All You Can Eat Wings

Just got back from all you can eat buffalo wings. Damn I miss that sort of stuff. There's a little place down the street that does the wings thing on Tuesdays (gotta get a posse together next week) and I finally got around to trying it out.

I must admit, I was a little weirded out going to all-I-can-eat alone, as it's usually a social force that gets me to gorge myself like that. But I've been feeling some introvertive pressures lately, and couldn't bother to call other people at the last minute. But I brought my zunch.com pad (the one I got at the trade show for talking with the guy blasting random 80's rock on the floor) and put down some thoughts on what I'm currently working on, and consumed some wings.

A bunch of what I considered to be frat boys ended up sitting at the table next to me (I learned through eavesdropping they were in fact gainfully employed) and recounted their best effort, and their second best. Without even really being put to any sort of effort I demolished their second best record, and probably could have taken their best, but a weird thing started to happen.

I started to feel guilty. I've been losing some good weight (not just since starting to watch what I eat, but it's been kicking in again with no pizza on friday, and starting to do cardio again) and felt bad about the indulgence. Well I didn't really feel bad about the indulgence. I always say "everything in moderation, even gluttony and depravity." But I started to worry that this might step back my progress some. And even though I'm pretty sure I didn't blow a carb count for the day, and so numerically speaking didn't break the rules, there's a spirit of the law effect that I'm sure I didn't quite live up to.

We'll just have to see how much chicken the human body can digest in 24 hours. Or at least if it can get up to 50-60 wings worth of meat.


I looked up the name of the place (and address) for anyone who wants to try them out. It's Original Buffalo Wings Restaurant (how clever).

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