Monday, July 12, 2004

Youth, Friends and Exercise

So let's start at the top. This weekend I was twice flattered about my age. The checkout lady at the supermarket called my "Young Man" and "Son" and it made me feel very nice. I wasn't sure if it was just her perspective (though I wouldn't put her age past high 40s) or if she was just being polite, though I hadn't gotten those names prior to shaving.

But then, when I went to hang out with Bruce, etc. in Santa Cruz we went out to a restaurant for some dinner and beers, and when the waitress brought the pitchers out she asked me to confirm that I was over 21. That hasn't happened since long before I was 21.

I definetly like being seen so young, though there's a bitter-sweetness to it, since it means that I've crossed to the age where I am flattered by being called a lower age, rather than a higher one.

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