Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Leg Update

Turns out that the problem with my legs is/was shin splints. I remember my mom talking to me about them when I was like 10, and in the context of having run for 5 minutes straight as a kid. Because of that I had dismissed the idea that something as serious as what I was going through would be the same cause. Little did I know that I had underestimated shin splints.

So I've taken a week off from running, and my leg is doing much better. It feels like I'll be able to start up again (albeit with much less impact) by the end of the week. Regardless I went climbing with Pat again on friday, though this time at Planet Granite. It was good to climb there again (I haven't in a few weeks). And there are now a bunch of new routes to try. Including this 5.8+ climb with "big reaches". And they weren'y kidding. I didn't make it, and in order for Pat to he literally had to jump for a few of the holds. It was very impressive.

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